Our project is in honor of a kind music man, poet, and dreamer from fellow dreamers

For security purposes, we have chosen to keep our owners/growers identity confidential. Instead, she wanted to share why she decided to grow medical cannabis in Oklahoma.

In Her Own Words

"I wanted to grow medical cannabis after picking up a cannabis related magazine at Barnes + Noble December 2018. I started reading about this whole other World called, "the cannabis industry," and found it fascinating and a bit frightening.

Along the way in my reading and research, I came across many articles on how to grow with chemicals and which pesticides some growers add to their plants. I felt concerned about people like my husband, sister, friends and medical patients that consume cannabis as a medicine.

I decided to apply for my medical card and begin the journey of personally growing the cleanest medicine I could. I filed for our commercial growers license and shortly after bought my first seeds.

I continuously read, researched and practiced growing - before I knew it I began needing to hire people to help. I believe Cannabis is an ever evolving process, that makes it mandatory to continue learning to create the best medicine possible for our patients."


Organically GrownOur seeds are carefully sourced from the best genetics the Cannabis World has to offer. We grow in super soil, and never add any pesticides or chemicals in our Cannabis.

Through careful practices, we promise to provide the cleanest cannabis for Oklahoma's medical patients.

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